HR CoachingCoaching is about meeting people where they are in the here and now and supporting them in the way they desire to go. We support, encourage, inspire, and hold you accountable for what matters most to you. We utilize a variety of assessments, tools and techniques to help you achieve your desired goals.
We use the Core Energy Coaching approach. The process helps to bring out potential in individuals, groups, and organizations. The overall approach is to connect a desired purpose to outer goals / strategies to achieve sustainable results.

Core Coaching Services

  • Individual / Group Assessments
  • Customized Coaching Development Plans
  • Connect Inner Purpose with Outer Goals
  • Proven Tools and Models to Improve Performance / Results

We coach individuals and groups on a variety of topics at all levels of system. Some examples of past coaching engagements include the following:

Individual Team Organization
Decision Making Collaboration & Creativity Mission, Vision, & Values
Demonstrating Value Improved Relationships Employee Engagement
Increasing Influence Conflict Resolution Change Management