Diversity, Inclusion and CultureDiversity, Inclusion, and Culture

We use a whole systems approach to Diversity / Inclusion & Culture by leveraging the Applied Behavioral Sciences during all phases of the work. Our broad knowledge and experience helps to focus solutions on practical applications and outcomes. We understand that real change in this area occurs when organizations take a systems wide look at outcomes in support of strategic objectives and future growth.

Core Diversity, Inclusion, and Culture Services

  • Focus Group Design / Facilitation
  • Organization Wide Surveys / Assessments / Audits
  • Coaching / Training Design & Delivery
  • Change Team / Task Force Development
  • Train-the-Trainer Initiatives
  • Employee Resource Groups
  • Team Dialogue, Feedback, and Interventions
  • Executive Team Facilitation / Development
  • Diversity Initiative Start up or Improvement Consulting

Multicultural Organization Development Continuum Survey

The MCOD Continuum provides a framework which help to identify change strategies that are consistent with the developmental readiness of an organization. Each stage of development describes the consciousness and culture of an organization with regard to issues of social justice, diversity, and where they are relative to becoming a multicultural organization. Where would you place your organization along the continuum? We’ll provide the survey results in our next newsletter update – stay tuned.

Please take our anonymous MCOD survey by clicking here.