Virtual Workshop – Winning the Behavioral Interview: Practical Tools & Insights to Elevate You Above the Competition

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Primary Date: Monday July 28th or Wednesday July 30th 2014 (2 – 3:30 PM Eastern; 11 AM -12:30 PM Pacific Time)

Alternate Date: Tuesday August 5th (6:30 – 8 PM Eastern; 3:30 – 5 PM Pacific)

Guest Speaker – Al Sullivan, MSOD, SHPR – Experienced Behavioral Interview Trainer & Recruiter

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alSession Description – Has this been your experience? “I felt good about the interview but I’m not sure why I haven’t heard from them” or “They asked a lot of questions that caught me by surprise”.  You may have also received this feedback, “You were our second choice candidate for the position”.

With the slow but steady improvement in the economy, companies are starting to open more positions for full time hires. Budgets and new hiring decisions are still being heavily scrutinized by hiring managers. Organizations are beginning to invest in new approaches to improve quality of hires. We’ve seen organizations increasingly turn to Behavioral Interviewing as one of their new strategies to improve quality of hires and reduce premature turnover.

Behavioral Interviewing is based on the concept that past behavior will predict future performance. Organizations have become more methodical about identifying role specific profiles for success. They’re also able to associate success profiles to behavioral based interview questions. Interviewers are specifically trained to assess candidate responses in relation to behavioral success profiles.  The candidate debrief process provides additional scrutiny when candidates are assessed in relation to behavioral based profiles.

Outcomes You’ll Take Away From This Interactive Session

  • Determine the difference between a Traditional vs. Behavioral style interview
  • Practice responding to actual Behavioral Interview questions
  • Learn critical “Do’s & Don’ts” of the Behavioral Interview technique
  • Learn the critical success factors used to evaluate Behavioral Interview candidates
  • Practice recovering if derailed during the Behavioral Interview process
  • Learn a technique to best position yourself during the candidate debrief phase

About the Speaker
Al Sullivan, MSOD, SPHR is founder and president of Inspirus Consulting, Inc., a full service consultancy specializing in working with individuals and organizations to operate at their highest and best. After serving as an Army Officer and Manufacturing manager, Al spent the next 20 years in the Human Resources / Organization Development profession. He worked as a recruiter hiring individual contributors to senior executives. Al also completed his International Coaching Federation (ICF) Coaching training through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC). Al has helped countless individuals prepare and win their dream jobs after working with them for a short period of time. He also designed and led organization wide initiatives to institute the Behavioral Interview process to improve quality of hires and reduce premature turnover.

Client Testimonials…

Steven Crenshaw
Statistical Programmer at PharPoint Research, Inc.

“Al is extremely knowledgeable in HR and will get results. After graduating I spent 6 months looking for a job in all the wrong ways. After working with Al I had an interview within two weeks and was hired two weeks later”.

Jeannette Theora
Clinical Trials Assistant, Quintiles

“During my final semester at NC State, the pressure to find a job became very real as my graduation date approached. As my job application process progressed, I realized that my interview skills suffered and had therefore prevented me from accurately presenting myself to potential employers.

I began working with Al Sullivan at Inspirus Consulting in order to improve my resume, writing skills, and interview skills. Al coached me to the various strategies and interview methods that employers use to screen for potential employers. He took the time to create Behavioral mock interview situations where he presented questions based on a position’s requirements and job duties.

My time with Al Sullivan helped build my confidence in my interview process and I was successful in securing a position at Quintiles as a Clinical Trials Assistant. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such an inspiring, and encouraging person who pushed and motivated me to work hard and take steps toward the career I desire.

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